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Coastal resources management

MCD, Blue Lighthouse with Nam Dinh, Thai Binh and Hai Phong provinces to act for “Environment today, Life tomorrow”

06. 09. 2013 Coastal resources management


Promotion of “Environment today, Life tomorrow” in Hai Phong province.

On 5th June 2013, promotion of “Environment today, Life tomorrow” was launched cordially in Cat Ba (Hai Phong) and Giao Lac commune (Giao Thuy, Nam Dinh). A march across 5 communes in the bufferof Giao Thuy National park in Nam (Giao Lac, Giao An, Giao Xuan, Giao Thien và Giao Hai), across Cat Ba and 3 communes Hien Hao, Phu Long, Xuan Dam (Cat Hai, Hai Phong) took place with participation from representatives of Provincial People Committee, Community People Committee, Culture Officers, Women Union, The Red Cross and 200 local young people. A drawing contetst named “Water and my habitat” was held within this promotion also received exciting response from 150 children from primary and secondary schools in Nam Dinh and Hai Phong.



Drawing contest “Water and my habitat” attracted school kids in Hai Phong and Nam Dinh


Besides this event, nearly 500 people in Thai Binh and Hai Phong joined Coastal Cleanup event in Con Vanh beach (Thai Binh) and Cat Ba beach (Phu Long, Cat Hai, Hai Phong). Propaganda via radio and banners and slogans in main streets in 11 communes of 3 provinces and on ships in Lan Ha bay (Hai Phong) was also cherished by Youth Union in those communities.



An intern of Blue Light House said “I am very excited to have the chance to join this event together with young people and residents of 5 communes in the buffer. I am well aware of the adverse impacts that climate change has on lives of local people as well as people in other coastal areas. I hope to join with local young people to seek solutions and actions in adaptation to climate change.”



For the last 10 years of devotion and growth, Centre for Marinelife Conservation and Community Development (MCD) has continuously joined partnership with local authorities and communities to set direction and find solutions to climate change response and environmental protection. For 11 communes in project sites in Thai Binh, Hai Phong and Nam Dinh provinces, MCD takes pleasure in devoting and supporting communities to awareness about the environment and climate change, to develop sustainable livelihood along with efficient management and exploitation of natural resources as a method to respond to climate change. MCD hopes that event “Environment today, Life tomorrow” in the Blue Lighthouse series represents its true meaning and contributes to climate change response in those 11 communes in particular and 28 coastal provinces in general.


“Environment today, Life tomorrow” march through main streets in Nam Dinh and Hai Phong


The Blue Lighthouse and MCD will continue event series  to raise awareness and change behavior among communities to respond to climate change and protect the environment in the next year, from March 2013 to March 2014.

2 comments on “MCD, Blue Lighthouse with Nam Dinh, Thai Binh and Hai Phong provinces to act for “Environment today, Life tomorrow”

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