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Summarize of Program: “Blue Lighthouse Internship Recruitment 2014”

16. 06. 2014 Media

From 5th May to 2nd, June 2014, with participate of 200 candidates, “Blue Lighthouse Internship Recruitment 2014”” finished with 18 most excellent youths selected and become the Blue Lighthouse interns– The 3rd generation. 

The list of the Blue Lighthouse 3rd generation:


Participating in the program, the candidates had the chance to show their knowledge and skills through 3 rounds that is extremely serious and attractive in order to assess their personal capacity and qualification for future assignments.

After the screening round from 5th to 19th of May, 2014, 48 candidates had been chosen to the next round: “Debate” that requires excellent skills from collecting and processing information to organizing and prioritizing for decision making.

With excellent performance, 30 debate leaders processed to the Interview Round where candidates can show their logical thinking, capacities and practical experience that suite their future assignments with MCD. Moreover, candidates also had the chance to learn about MCD works and project areas.

Memorable photos of “The Recruitment of Blue Lighthouse Intern 2014” program:

The candidates are listening to the rule of Debate Round.

The candidates of Communication and Advocacy Department are ready for the Interview Round.


The candidates of Community Development Department are working in group with their enthusiasm.


The Debate Round of ICEP and Research and Assessment Department


The Interview of Community Development Department

The candidates prepare for the challenge to test their skills at the Interview Round.

The Blue Lighthouse Interns intake III will start their internship from 4th June, 2014 and co-operated with Blue Lighthouse Intern intake II, in order to prepare for “ THE BLUE DAY 2014”. This event will be held at 3 pm- 5.30pm, on 5th June, 2014 at MCD office, 34T Building, Hoang Dao Thuy Street, Hanoi.

Within the project framework:  “Internship and Village facilitators (IVF) for Climate change community based adaptation program in biosphere reserves of Vietnam”” (from 2013 to 2015, funded by McKnight Foundation, the Blue Lighthouse program initiated by MCD. The Blue Lighthouse Program  aim at mobilizing the participation and intellectual capacities of youth and students in Vietnam to  enhance the sustainability, spread, and strength of Climate Change response in Vietnamand the coastal regions.

From 3/2013 to end of 2014, the Blue Lighthouse program mobilized 28 Blue Lighthouse groups (representing the coastal provinces in Vietnam). In the Ignite stage, participants were selected and provided with practical skills to respond to climate change and work with organizations for environmental and sustainable development of the community. These Blue Lighthouse groups will “shine” to young students and 500  local elite residents in coastal communities, implemente initiatives or carry out specific models to respond to climate change. Which will spread to 3260 students and youths (symbolizing the coastline of Vietnam’s mainland area), encourage them to participate in the activities of the program of action to cope with climate change. With the support of the media and communication , messages and information  climate change can reach to 1 million students and other young people in both cities and coastal provinces.

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