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News and events

What is Blue Lighthouse?

07. 02. 2014 News and events

Do you plan to apply to the Blue Lighthouse internship program? You may have many questions but not know who to ask.

Please, contact us to get answers.

Facebook: http://www.facebook.com/mcdvietnam.org

Email: ttha@mcdvn.azurewebsites.net

Tel: 04.2221.2923

Link to the application form: http://www.jotform.me/tuyendunghaidangxanh/dondangky


  1. What is Blue Lighthouse?

Blue Lighthouse is a program that Centre for Marinelife Conversation and Community Development (MCD) initiated with purpose of mobilizing the participation of Vietnamese students to enhance the sustainability, spread, and strength of activities of dealing with climate change in Vietnam, particularly in coastal areas. The program has three stages: Ignite, Shine, and Spread, which take place from March 2013 to March 2014. The Blue Lighthouse will “Ignite” by recruiting 28 Blue Lighthouse Groups (symbolizing the 28 coastal provinces of Viet Nam) and training them to respond to climate change, cooperating with organizations which work for the environment and sustainable development of communities. Those “Blue Lighthouses” will “Shine” over other youngsters, students, and 500 elite citizens of coastal communities to execute ideas or specific models in response to climate change. Then, the program will “Spread” to 3260 youngsters and student (representing Vietnam’s 3,260 km of shoreline). These youth will participate in activities responding to climate change in coastal areas and islands. With support from the public media and press, messages and information about climate change will be delivered to 1 million students and young people in selected coastal cities and provinces.

  1. Are there any opportunities suitable for my knowledge and skills when I join Blue Lighthouse?

The Blue Lighthouse program promotes positions in four departments:

  • Communication and Advocacy
  • Research and Assessment
  • Coastal Resources Management
  • Community Development

  1. Who can participate in Blue Lighthouse?

Graduated bachelors, engineers, or students learning at all universities in Vietnam (seniors who can arrange internship time or thesis relating to the content of program preferred)

  1. What requirements must I meet to join Blue Lighthouse?

  • Have knowledge or specialization in one of these sectors:
    • Climate change, natural resource management, environmental management, environmental technology, human ecology, environmental economics.
    • Coastline management, offshore engineering, marine aquaculture, fisheries management, economics
    • Community development, gender and gender equality
    • Information technology, community communication, environmental communication
    • Commit to spend 6 months with the program
    • Have ability to do field work in Vietnamese coastal provinces like Nam Dinh, Thai Binh, and Hai Phong
    • Presentation skills and  knowledge
    • Good team-work skills
    • Good computer usage
    • Good English (listening, speaking, reading, writing) is advantageous (optional)
    • Preference for applicants with career development in non-governmental organization; projects, programs about community development; social enterprises

  1. What will I get by joining the program?

  • Knowledge and skills from experts in the sectors of climate change, disaster risk management, livelihood adaptation, household livelihoods, community communication, etc.
  • An opportunity to work directly with experienced experts in environmental management, marine conversation and community development from MCD and NGOs
  • An opportunity to practice knowledge and skills through the specific models of MCD’s projects
  • “Blue Lighthouse” Certification about marine environment protection, community development, climate change adaptation skills
  • Essential abilities to be a trainer, project staff, or technical expert for offices, organizations, and projects in sector of dealing with climate change and other related content.

  1. What is Centre of Marinelife Conversation and Community Development?

Centre for Marinelife Conservation and Community Development (MCD) is a Vietnamese non-profit, non-governmental organization which is devoted to marine conservation and sustainable development in Vietnam’s coastal areas. MCD was founded as per Decision No. 126/QĐ – HBVN dated 09/05/2013 by Vietnamese Association of Marine Technology and Science and Certification of Scientific and technological activities No. A008 issued by Ministry of Science and Technology.

Since April 2009, MCD has been a key founder and steering committee member of the Network of Vietnamese non-governmental organizations and climate change (VNGO&CC)

Since 2010, MCD officially become member of the International Union for Conservation of Nature (IUCN). Now, MCD actively researches solutions to support communities’ abilities to cope with disaster risks and climate change in coastal areas. The first stage is to expand projects to provinces in the Mekong River Delta.

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