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Continuing research on plastic waste on rivers in Nam Dinh province

07. 07. 2023 Media

In late June 2023, MCD in coordination with its national and local partners organized research activity about river plastic waste on the Red River and Dao River in Nam Dinh province. This research was specially designated for the rain season and aimed to (i) quantify and characterize floating anthropogenic debris flowing in the rivers; (ii) quantify and characterize anthropogenic debris trapped in the trash capture devices; and (iii) by comparing the data collected, obtain understanding of how litter travels, and how effectively these traps are removing the litter from the rivers. This research also aimed to improve scientific knowledge and methodologies on plastic waste research, contributing to Vietnam and Nam Dinh province’s action plans on marineplastic waste management.

The fieldwork of the research was conducted with the direct participation of project team from MCD, researchers from the Vietnam Institute of Seas and Islands, technical staff from Department of Environment and Natural Resources and related district and commune authorities, and local core groups that operate the trash trappers. With the guidance from international experts about litter debris research methodologies, the research team monitored the debris floating on river from observation points at the Tan De bridge, Tan Phong bridge and Do Quanbridge, in order to identify the quantity, components, and characteristics. The research team also collected and categorized the trash obtained in 6 trash trappers at My Tan commune (My Loc district), Tran Te Xuong ward (Nam Dinh city), Dien Xa commune and Nam Thang commune (Nam Truc district), Xuan Thanh commune (Xuan Truong district) and Giao Huong commune (Giao Thuy district), for identifying its quantity, components, and characteristics.

This research activity was implemented under the project “Strategic Plastic Litter Abatement in the Song Hong” (SPLASH), which aims to promote innovative technological and communication solutions for improving riverine and estuarine solid waste management, with funding and technical advice from Ocean Conservancy and implemented by MCD in coordination with the Department of Environment and Natural Resources and other local partners in Nam Dinh province.

Images of the research activity: 

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